Creative Fix Trigger Point Foam Roller – Deep Tissue Muscle Roller with 3D Grid for Back Pain Therapy, Muscle Recovery, Myofascial Release Hollow Core


  • REDUCE MUSCLE TENSION and accelerate recovery with this foam roller for physical therapy and pain relief. Our 3D trigger point roller mimics a masseuse’s hands for deep tissue massage therapy anytime.
  • HIGH-DENSITY FOAM ROLLER with a rigid hollow core withstands immense pressure. Lay back on it as a back roller for back pain therapy, use it as a leg roller on hamstrings or roll it under your foot.
  • ENHANCE CIRCULATON and oxygenation for greater flexibility and injury deterrence. This multifunctional body roller for muscles is indispensable stretching equipment for post- and pre-workout use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE foam back roller for muscles delivers deep tissue massage in your home gym, at the yoga studio or in hotel rooms during travel. At 12.99”W x 5.51”D, it fits in carry-on luggage.
  • CUSTOM-PACKED and ready to bestow on your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, the Creative Fix Deep Tissue Foam Roller makes a thoughtful Christmas gift or birthday gift for fitness aficionados.


    – Roll Away Tension and Pain With the Creative Fix Triggerpoint-Foam-Roller for muscle pain relief, you can relieve soreness and inflammation in overworked or strained tissues. Incorporated into your exercise warmup or cooldown, this invaluable self-myofascial massage roller helps elongate muscles and reduce delayed-onset muscle pain. Perfect as part of your home physical therapy equipment, its innovative 3D grid pattern mirrors the firm compression of a massage therapist’s hands.

    – Firm, Soothing Muscle Relief This hard foam roller consists of closed-cell foam molded over a thick, stiff hollow core. This results in a sturdy, rigid hamstring and back roller massager that will not break down or lose its shape when pressure is exerted on it. Channels in the grid pattern of the deep tissue roller direct blood circulation and oxygen to muscles and tissues so your body can bounce-back faster. Use it as a spine roller, calf roller or hamstring roller for pre-workout flexibility and post-workout knots and strains.

    – Fast Relief On-the-Go Measuring 12.99 inches x 5.51 inches, this travel foam roller fits in a backpack, gym bag or carry-on luggage. Use it as a yoga roller at the yoga studio or as a foot roller under your desk at work. An indispensable addition to massage tools and equipment, the Creative Fix Foam Roller also makes a thoughtful fitness gift for women and men. It comes packaged in an attractive box, ready to present as a Christmas or birthday gift for dad, mom, wife or husband. To increase your range of motion and enhance muscle recovery, add the Creative Fix Foam Roller Trigger Point Massager to your cart today.

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