Hi! I’m Adhrit Banerjee. My story starts in high school – I’d say I was a bit of an athlete in high school. I ran track through winter & spring as a sprinter in the 100, 200, 300, and 400 meter events. Notably, my 400 time was a 53.56 which isn’t too crazy, but I was proud of it nonetheless. On top of that, I went to the gym every single day after track practice to build muscle & train for track a little extra. So that means I was running track for 1-1.5 hours and going to the gym right after for 1-2 hours. During this time, I had absolutely no regard for the affect it was having on my body. Of course, a lot of the implications on my health were positive. I was in really good shape, building muscle, and had a healthy heart. However, after a while of following this routine, I wound up with a back injury due to overuse and lack of a warm up/ stretching routine. I was forced to stop working out and developed a sort of sedentary lifestyle. This had a very bad affect on my mental health because the athletic image of myself in my head no longer matched who I actually was. I have since recovered and reached new physical heights, but this time I know how important it is not to overwork yourself and have a proper injury prevention routine. That’s where foam rollers came in. I always wondered why foam rollers “hurt so good” and why physical therapists prescribed them to me so earnestly throughout my recovery. I did a ton of research and my findings completely sold me. I’m now convinced that everyone should have a foam roller regardless of whether they’re an avid athlete, have a high labor job, or just live an average slightly sedentary lifestyle. The pressure applied by the foam roller on your body encourages tissue mobility, decreases inflammation, promotes blood flow, and initiates myofascial release. It’ll help prevent injury on a very high level & help alleviate minor pains. Since using them, I’ve noticed my recovery time from long work hours or workouts has become shorter and less painful. It even increased my mobility and sped up my recovery time. I’d love nothing more than for others around me to experience the same – so here I am 🙂